I first got started with Wealthy Affiliate as a means to develop a simple website for my small business. That quickly grew to several websites to learn how marketing and affiliate marketing worked. I finally settled on two main websites to grow and expand on as they are what I am most passionate about now; my small massage business, and my online art and writing website. I looked into several avenues for building websites, including Wix, Bluehost and godaddy, however none of them had the community support that I felt the Affiliate marketing platforms had going for them. And I was very curious about affiliate marketing and how I could manage to add a passive income to my small businesses revenue. So I went for it. I found the platform that was the right fit for me and my goals, and I am continuing to learn so much from Wealthy Affiliate.

Name:  Wealthy Affliliate
Price: Free test run, then $49/month for Premium, and $99/month for Premium Plus
Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Training Quality: 10/10
Research Tools:
Websites Included:
Hosting Included:
Free Trial:

Overall Rank: 10/10

How Wealthy Affliliate Works

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up a business website, no matter what your business is, and will even help you with ideas for businesses if you don’t have any ideas yet. It then educates you on pretty much anything you’d ever want to know about marketing, SEO and adding Affliliate links for passive income. I have yet to finish even the basic lessons as there is so much to learn. It is truly an educational platform. And I love to learn. So anyone who has even a mild interest in learning more about marketing their brand, their business and their art, will find the knowledge through the WA platform.

Training Quality

I have a Bachelors degree in Scandinavian studies/Global Studies and to make a direct comparison is a bit difficult since I didn’t study marketing or anything really like it (aside from one Econ class that didn’t teach me a whole lot aside from the teacher not caring that I had a 102 fever the day of my final presentation!). But I have taken college level classes, and can say the online training videos and lessons on this platform are equivalent to any of the courses I took at University.

Research Tools for Content Creation

The platform uses something called Jaaxy. Jaaxy is basically a was to search up keywords, or titles for posts that would work best in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Here is an example of part of my latest search on Jaaxy:

I wanted to find a title that got some traffic, but not enough that my post would get buried in the search engines if someone went to Google,etc in search of what Runes are. This is just one small example of the type of research you can do at WA. There is detailed instruction in the basic trainings, plus tutorial videos after that if love doing research, but for me, I prefer to do the basics and post about my art, so I have only used Jaaxy so far. And it’s great to inspire ideas on what to post for content.

Coaching, Mentorship and Community

I have to say, this platform has grown exponentially since I joined, yet somehow it still feels like a small community, you simply have more people to choose to network and connect with, or not. The way it’s set up, the minute you join, even with just the free account, you are welcomed by the person you found WA through, as well as at least one of the founders. And even though some of the responses are automated, you still get the feeling that people care about your success, because I truly believe they do. The founders are brilliant in the fact that they have set up all kinds of mentoring (if you want it) on the sight and instilled an additude of “helping each other” across the platform.

Website building, Domains and Hosting

If you’re like I was, and want to build a website quickly for your art or brand and need step-by-step instruction, and don’t want to worry about security because you don’t know the first thing about how to secure a website anyway, then WA is a great place to get started. And you can try it out for free. You can design a website and see what it’s like without having to pay anything, which is pretty great nowadays when everything seems to cost at least something. I also really like that I can buy the domain through WA and they make it really easy to switch from the free siteRubix domain to your own brand, artist or custom name. The prices for buying your domain through WA is pretty comparable too, plus add the protections, safety, custom email, etc and it becomes cheaper really fast.The Hosting and website building through WordPress is impressive, but honestly this is the one thing and only thing I have an issue with. There are so many themes and although WA makes it super easy to create and add content to websites through the platform, once you go into WordPress to edit and make sure it looks right, it can get a bit messy and confusing with the templates for different themes. I think they are going through a bit of a shift from the classic editor to block editing (which seems easier to use with my artist brain), but sometimes you still can’t edit things on the WordPress site depending on what theme you have. I have found blogs and tutorial videos that address this on the WA platform, and this might even get resolved by the time anyone reads this, but things like this seem to happen with website building. It can be a bit frustrating for artists who want to create a beautiful site that looks exactly the way we want, yet there’s so much that goes in to making it look that way and some of it is simply too technical. It is a constant work in progress as we learn how to do the technical stuff.


It is free to try out, so that is a great price! If the way the Wealthy Affiliate platform is laid out is a right fit for you though, the $49/month is totally worth it, in my humble opinion. For what you get in website building support alone, it’s worth it, but then add all the education about marketing and affiliate marketing for passive income, along with the community support, and you will see the value is undeniable. For me, The Premium Plus is worth it if you are going all in and want to make a full time business out of the platform. I might get there someday, but for now, I still have so much to learn, the Premium account is the right fit for me.
Here’s what you get with the free Starter Account and Premium:


So would I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for building an artist website? Hell yeah! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build a brand and learn about online marketing. The Affiliate marketing education is just an added bonus, in my opinion. There are a few things to sort out with and learn on WordPress, but you would have to do that on any hosting site, since the learning curb for web building exists. However, the tutorials, blogs, training videos cover everything you’d want to know, if you look for it, so the support is totally worth the price.
Ready to start building your own website, your own brand, and learn how to make passive income while creating and sharing your passions? Join Wealthy Affiliate now to get started!

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