My last post was about the Galaxy Collection, and in that I covered a fair amount about Viking art, what it is and why I chose to base my art off of it, so in this post about the Viking Stone Collection, or ancient Viking art in stone, I’ll jump right in to the designs themselves and why I chose them.

The Viking Art

I chose various Viking designs that resonated with me, that felt powerful, meaningful, protective and also looked cool. They were carved into stone, wood, metal and sometimes used metal castes and were “massed produced” for trading, selling and probably gifts too.

Viking Brooch Art, Beautiful Animal/Creature KnotworkIn complete honesty, this is one of my first attempts at drawing a brooch design and it did not turn out how I wanted it at all. I will probably be redoing it, but wanted to share some of my process and that it’s not as easy as it looks to recreate some of these complex pieces with knots and multiple lines. It gets tedious and is time-consuming to get the details to look right and do the original art justice. I kind of got lost in the lines on this one, but love the original enough to keep trying to improve it.

Viking Runestone Art, Carved in Stone

Another one of my earlier attempts, and consider this still a WIP (work in progress), the simplicity of this and how the lines curve and overlap is so fun. I won’t go in to the different time-period Styles of Norse design, but this one is considered to be in the Ringerike Style dating around c.1020-1050. I really like how so much of the Norse Viking styles included both the pagan beast designs and the Christian cross. It’s like they had to convert or be terrorized and possibly killed, but they integrated the two together to make a lot of their art acceptable, they may not have had the numbers to defeat the Roman armies, but they still rebelled in their own way by keeping certain aspects of their art.

Viking Runestone Art with Runes, Gravestone

This is one of my favorite Runestones from Sweden. It was the most challenging and time-consuming as well. So far, anyway. I personalized it with Runes to commemorate my mother who passed and have it on my wall. (I can customize this same design with personalized runes for anyone, if you’re interested, head on over to my Contact Me page and let me know through one of those channels.

Viking Bronze Brooch Art, Spirals

Another WIP, I love the spirals in the original design and how they swoop together, so I’m in the process of figuring out how to make it work, since the 3D version is much harder to replicate on canvas than I thought it would be. It seems like such a simple design, yet the metal has elements to it that just don’t work here. Will make adjustments before I share it again.

Viking Runestone Art

The Beast and the Serpent. This one speaks to the beast side of me and recognizes my inner struggle to fight the serpent that keeps trying to entangle me. Such a beautiful Urnes Style design c.1070-1100.

Viking Runestone Art

This is another Urnes Style Runestone, but this one dates a little later, sometime between c.1050-1125.

Viking Comb Art, Carved in Wood

I had fun with this comb design and love that they put such an intricate creature on an everyday tool such as a comb.

Viking Axe Art

It blows my mind that this stunning, intricate design was carved into an axe. I just had to try to capture it and make it my own on canvas.

Why Stone?

These are a sampling of designs in the Stone Collection. It obviously isn’t actually stone, but an acrylic painted background to resemble stone. I loved the texture and cool gray tones behind the white lines. They carved a lot of artwork and runes in stone, and it is one of the many materials they used that survived to today. But when it comes down to it, I simply love the texture and dimension it gives the artwork.

Yggdrasil, the Tree in the Stone Collection

Although it’s not exactly Viking Art, the tree design that I came up with that borrows from more modern Celtic Tree of Life designs, is my version of Yggdrasil. I am partial to trees and the detailed beliefs around Yggdrasil are quite fascinating. Although I am not a firm believer that the worlds are set up like a tree, I can’t say it’s wrong either, because who really knows, right? And there is just something about a tree with knotwork that speaks to my soul on a completely different level.


Yggdrasil with Bindrunes for Courage, Energy, Creation and Protection:

I also did the tree in green, and love how it looks with the stone background (as well as plain black):

Ancient Viking Art in Stone Collection

There you have it. My first few attempts at doing Viking Art, my progress, and some finished works that are ready to be shared and are in my online Print-on-Demand shops. Viking Norse art is amazing to me, and has helped me heal through art therapy, through the meticulous detail and perseverance they must have had, and the power in the structure of the art itself. I have had so much fun recreating this art into something a bit more modern, with the texture of stone as the background, and will continue to do so. I am constantly learning and improving, so be sure to check back to see what’s new. I will be adding content as I finish it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if there are any Norse Viking designs you would like to see in a modern form, such as on canvas, metal, t-shirts, scarves, or whatever else is out there to be printed on, go ahead and leave a comment or contact me through email or social media.

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